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Looking for a New York City apartment to buy or rent? Look no further than the New York Condo BUZZ – your exclusive information source for luxury and affordable New York condo developments, NYC real estate projects and NY rentals. From Manhattan to Brooklyn and from Queens to Jersey City, the New York Condo BUZZ features the latest and greatest condominium high-rise towers, low-rise residences, brownstones, duplexes and simplex units for sale or rent in the New York real estate market place.
New York Real Estate Market Preview
The New York Condo BUZZ family of websites covers all five New York boroughs in addition to New Jersey and focuses on the most exciting, affordable, luxurious, exclusive and sought after New York real estate condo developments in the marketplace. The 5 districts of NYC certainly provide a mix of housing types and this is what makes the NY property market so distinct and unique when compared with other major US cities. During the latest US housing crunch of the global economic crisis, all in all, the New York real estate market actually didn’t buckle as much as other cities. Yes, you saw some steep declines on new New York condo high-rise penthouse suites in Manhattan and Brooklyn markets, but overall, the housing market certainly stabilized quite quickly. The same can be said of the New York City apartment rental market, as with the increased inventory closing, the rent rates for condos dipped ever so slightly. Now with the global financial crisis coming to an end, the prestigious New York real estate market is rebounding very well, with many new condo high-rise developments selling out before completion and new NYC condominium projects on the go yet again. With this, developers and builders have notified the general home buying marketplace that the New York real estate markets are slowly recovering and that now is the time to purchase new property in NYC. The New York Condo BUZZ features some of the newest and most exclusive New York real estate high-rise condo developments, low rise residence projects, brownstones/townhomes, duplexes and NYC penthouse units available on the market right now. From Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx to even Jersey City in New Jersey, the New York Condo BUZZ focuses on providing sound information for prospective NY homebuyers and renters so that they can make good decisions on their next condo purchase. In addition, the New York Condo BUZZ also provides more information on New York financing products, condo mortgages, preferred lenders and interest rates. Lastly, for any New York real estate professional looking for new and effective advertising and marketing products and strategies, New York Condo BUZZ provides a plethora of opportunities for you.
New York real estate market is divided into the 5 boroughs that include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and The Bronx.  New York condos for sale and new presales condominium developments are mainly centered in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Jersey City real estate is also mentioned here.

The Five New York Boroughs
  1. Manhattan Real Estate
  2. Brooklyn Real Estate
  3. Queens New York Property
  4. Bronx Property
  5. Staten Island Real Estate

Plus the Sixth Borough:
  6. Jersey City, NJ

A Word About Each NYC Real Estate District
Based on population, affluence and affordability, it is no wonder that Brooklyn and Manhattan New York real estate markets are the hottest, most stable and most sought after neighborhoods in NYC, and these are heavily waited in the content on the New York Condo BUZZ. Both Brooklyn property market and the Manhattan New York real estate markets provide adequate choices of housing types for owners and renters, and for most cases, these new property developments consist of large scale, multi hundred condo high-rise developer projects designed by world renown architects and interior designers. These New York condo towers will forever change the Manhattan and Brooklyn skyline, producing iconic and landmark condo buildings that are striking and eye catching. However, many of these new New York condo high-rises in these two boroughs are highly priced for the exclusive and affluent few, pricing out many middle class New Yorkers out of the marketplace right now. There are alternatives though in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as some New York Condo BUZZ developers have opted to design and develop more affordable high rise condominium towers, rental buildings as well as low rise apartments, townhomes and duplexes for sale. These more affordable New York real estate offerings are usually located in the less desirable districts and neighborhoods, but no one is complaining as property prices and values are just something to get used to in this city. The more affordable Queens and Bronx New York real estate markets also feature many mid-rise and high-rise condo tower residences, including a majority of rental condominium buildings that are both affordable and well located. These New York rental buildings are fully serviced with great amenities too. The Staten Island NYC real estate market is a bit different as it attracts many of the world’s rich and famous and features average household incomes between $55,000 to $65,000, much higher than the standard middle class New Yorker. Because of this, the New York Staten Island real estate market is both stable and expensive, featuring many high end homes for sale in addition to some of the most prestigious schools. The New York Condo BUZZ also talks about the Jersey City New Jersey property market as it is closely located to NYC. The prime waterfront Jersey City real estate district is now under redevelopment with many high-end condos, waterview residences and more, but at a more affordable price compared with New York condominiums. By selecting each of the boroughs and districts in the main navigation on the New York Condo BUZZ, you can find the latest New York real estate developments, featured condo listings, floor plans, amenities, features, location, Walk Score and pricing for various properties in the area. Stay tuned as the New York Condo BUZZ is updated almost daily with new information. How about buying a North Vancouver luxury home for sale in the exclusive Central Lonsdale Vancouver real estate market? Here's a new North Shore home.

New York Mortgage Financing & NYC Condo Preferred Lenders
In most cases, developers and marketers will partner up with New York preferred lenders for large scale condo projects. By doing so, potential NYC homebuyers will get the best New York mortgage financing products and rates through the developer, thereby promoting a smoother closing period and more attention from the condominium purchaser. In many cases, these New York condo preferred lenders for NYC mortgage financing provide unbeatable mortgage interest rates in addition to terms for both variable and fixed financing packages, giving homebuyers a great selection of packages to choose from. Acting as a mortgage broker, these preferred lenders for New York condo developments can provide you with the best NYC mortgage financing product that suits your lifestyle, budget and financial status. Also, you will be able to get the best financing mortgage package through New York preferred condo lenders for various exit strategies in case you want to move or sell within a specified time period. For more information about the best New York mortgage financing products as well as a list of NYC condo preferred lenders for various condominium developments, please click here.

New York Condo Advertising and Real Estate Marketing Opportunities
Easy. Efficient. Cost Effective. Tracking. Analysis. Simply put, the New York Condo BUZZ advertising and New York real estate marketing products and services simply outshine its competitors. Designed by and for New York real estate professionals, these New York Condo BUZZ NYC condo marketing packages will enhance your advertising strategies so that you get cost effective and better results. Advertise on the New York Condo BUZZ or any one (or multiple) individual New York condo development sites to further expose your business, agency or project to qualified website traffic today. From easy implementation (standard ad sizes and formats) to tracking and analysis (at affordable monthly rates), these New York condo advertising strategies will be seen by over 2,000 unique visitors per month. Advertise as an exclusive New York real estate agent or development condo project online today and start getting the results that you want. Click here for New York real estate advertising rates and marketing strategies for details.

Providing you an incredible wealth of useful information on New York real estate condo developments and presale condominium projects, the New York Condo BUZZ is your exclusive source for the latest news in the property marketplace. Whether you are looking at buying or renting apartments or condos in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens or Jersey City, the New York Condo BUZZ has it all covered, here in this user friendly and attractive informational web site.
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