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The Exciting New York Brooklyn Real Estate Developments
The New York Brooklyn real estate market is featured heavily and daily on the exclusive New York Condo BUZZ website and blog simply because some of the most intriguing and eye catching condo developments are located in this borough. Also known as Kings County, the New York Brooklyn condo real estate projects are some of the most glamorous, well marketed and advertised and expensive in the NYC property market.
A Preview of the New Brooklyn Condo Real Estate Community
What most people don’t know is that the New York Brooklyn real estate market represents the highest population of homebuyers and renters in the city. Brooklyn (pronounced Breukelen), also known as Kings County, has a staggering population of roughly 2.5 million people and growing, making it the most populous New York City borough featured here on the New York Condo BUZZ. Also, the Brooklyn real estate district boundaries are the second largest of any New York borough in terms of area (square miles). With a unique architectural heritage in addition to its famed cultural and entertainment hubs, the New York Brooklyn real estate market has made huge grounds in terms of new landmark Brooklyn condo high-rise towers that are becoming iconic buildings in the NYC skyline. With the most historic neighborhoods in all of New York City, Brooklyn real estate has gone through somewhat of a revival of sorts over the past decade with the development of many new sophisticated and modern Brooklyn high-rise condo projects in the midst of ethnically diverse and cultural oriented historic neighborhoods. In addition to many Brooklyn real estate condo revitalization projects of architecturally heritage condominium buildings, most of the new projects are market bound and built from ground up, making it the second busiest borough in terms of new condo development.
New York Brooklyn real estate market often rivals that of Manhattan condo prices, but new Brooklyn conondominium residences and homes are getting quite pricey too.  With landmark building being planned and designed for downtown Brooklyn property market, we will see a new wave of development this year.

Brooklyn Neighborhoods
  1. Williamsburg
  2. Fort Greene

A Bit of Brooklyn New York Property Neighborhood History
The most populous borough of NYC was also an independent city until 1898, which makes Brooklynites very proud. With some of the most diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultural based neighborhoods within the New York Brooklyn real estate community, the economy is driven by three industries: convenient and more affordable back offices to Manhattan (as real estate prices are much more cost effective for large companies) in addition to national versus city economic ties as well as population flowing into the Brooklyn real estate district at astronomical rates. The number of employed persons in the New York Brooklyn property district account for more than four hundred thousand people who are employed and work from the borough and about half of that who live in the Brooklyn New York real estate district but commute elsewhere for work. With much financing and growth from Manhattan based companies overflowing to Brooklyn, the New York real estate market in this growing borough is further enhanced by an influx of international migration from middle class income earners, giving a very stable economy and population base for the community. Manufacturing, services, pharmaceuticals, high tech, and entertainment are amongst the major industries that drive the New York Brooklyn real estate condo market. As of 2000, the fast growing industry sector of the New York Brooklyn community is construction and services. Overall, because of its diversified economy and excellent economic fundamentals (one of the best for major US cities), the New York Brooklyn real estate market is very stable, value oriented and in short supply. The development of these new Brooklyn condo high-rise projects will surely add to the inventory supply of owner occupied and rental buildings, but with the current migration rate and population influx from other New York City boroughs, the Brooklyn real estate condo market will not be able to keep up in terms of new housing supply.
More About the Brooklyn Condo Market Place for New York Developments
With a wide range of socio-economic groups, lifestyles and ethnic diversity, developers in the New York Brooklyn real estate market have had to launch an eclectic assortment of new housing that range from affordable rentals all the way to high-priced luxury Brooklyn condo penthouses to cater to the wide range of home buyers. The New York Condo BUZZ certainly covers many of these new New York Brooklyn condo developments and hopes that this information and insightful details are useful for the NYC homebuyer. Being a magnet for immigration and for ethnically diverse groups of people from around the world, the New York Brooklyn real estate community like its population is like a melting pot. From the Bedford Stuyvesant African American heritage influence to the Caribbean arts and culture, the many differing neighborhoods of the Brooklyn New York real estate market also present different condo opportunities for purchase and rent. Also, Brighton Beach is historically Russian and has been called Little Odessa for generations whereas Bushwick has generally been a magnet for Hispanic Americans in addition to Sunset Park Brooklyn real estate condo community. Italians are in the Bensonhurst and Dyker heights communities while Chinese are also largely concentrated in Sunset Park. The Polish make their way to Greenpoint while the Irish are at Vinegar Hill, Gerritsen Beach and Marine Park, all of which provide differing Brooklyn new York housing types, different New York City condo development projects and affordability too. The Jews are concentrated within the Borough Park area while the Bay Ridge area is known for its Arab population and culture. The reflective nature of new Brooklyn condo real estate projects matched to its population and ethnic base is outstanding. As most of the most recent New York Brooklyn condo developments have been erected in Williamsburg (new district), Fort Greene (historical) and downtown Brooklyn, these NYC real estate developments have attracted a wider range of population migration from all ethnic groups into each community, thereby increasing the melting pot and affordability for all. Generally speaking, the new Brooklyn condo projects are more affordable when compared to that of Manhattan New York real estate developments. However, it is noted that many of the Brooklyn condo floor plans are more spacious and interiors more luxurious than their counterparts in Manhattan property market.
Brooklyn Real Estate Tourism Highlights: Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, Green Wood Cemetary, New York Transit Museum and Brooklyn Botanic Garden are must see sites.

Media Outlets Based in Brooklyn New York Property Market: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Bay Currents, Brooklyn Paper, Brooklyn Rail Quarterly, Cabinet, The Tablet, Harmodia, Haitian Times.

Sports Figures Born/Living in Brooklyn NYC: Vince Lombardi, Bobby Fischer, Carmelo Anthony, Michael Jordan, Herbie Kronowitz, Mike Tyson, Joe Paterno, Paul Lo Duca; also Brooklyn is home to the Brooklyn Dodgers who moved to LA.

Brooklyn Condo Transportation: serviced extensively by the New York City Subway lines.

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