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The Sought After New York Manhattan Real Estate Condo Projects
New York Manhattan condo developments have forever changed the way architects design. Pushing the limits on modern architectural structures, the glitz and glamour surrounding the New York Manhattan real estate condo projects are well deserved. From impressive exterior facades to cantilevered floors and from expansive roof top decks to impeccable condominium interiors, the New York Manhattan condo real estate projects are superior, luxurious and well designed for modern urban living.
A Quick Preview of the New York Manhattan Condo Market
Although the third largest of New York City boroughs, Manhattan New York condo real estate is the most pricey and sought after property in the entire NYC district. Stemming from the lack of space, the 1.6 million people who make New York Manhattan home are crowded into the most densely packed borough in NYC. Because of this, the New York Manhattan real estate market place features the largest number of NYC high-rise condo tower residences of any borough and is also the financial hub of the city and of the US as a whole. From being home to some of the world’s largest corporations to the United Nations in addition to Central Park and Madison Square Garden, there are many districts within the New York Manhattan real estate market place that are very prestigious, expensive let alone very luxurious. With the most recent NYC housing upturn, property developers have focused more on the high-end brownstones and townhomes in the luxury New York Manhattan property market, but there have also been a large number of luxurious high-rise Manhattan condo tower projects underway in this borough, many of which are taller than thirty stories. Because of its close proximity to Wall Street and many corporate headquarters, thousands of New Yorkers make Manhattan condos their home. Being close to work is important, as many New York Manhattan home owners and renters can simply walk to work and back home, without having to own or take a car out into the busy streets. In addition, the New York Manhattan real estate district is well connected through the underground metro, in addition to the many highways, freeways and bridges that connect Manhattan real estate to Brooklyn and beyond.
New York Manhattan real estate and new Manhattan condo developments are happening everywhere, but with pricey and expensive condominiiums selling to the affluent, many middle income earners and investors are being pushed to the brink of housing affordability

Manhattan Neighborhoods

What Is So Special About the New Manhattan Condo Developments?
From The William Beaver to The Visionaire, the New York Manhattan condo developments are featured in many publications, advertisements and marketing sites. As some of the tallest and most prestigious condominium developments, these New York Manhattan condo projects certainly deserve all the awards and praise for their architectural excellence, built GREEN LEED certification environmentally friendly design, impressive and spacious interiors and views, and as one of the wealthiest areas in all of the US, the Manhattan real estate market seems to head upwards every year despite what goes on in the outside world. With one of the highest personal income per capita in the United Sates at just over $100,000, the new Manhattan condo developments in New York City real estate certainly have enough homebuyers to support such a skewed and unaffordable marketplace, but the stunning condominium projects, interiors and exterior facades of these new Manhattan New York high-rise condos are certainly worth a look. Being the cultural, financial and commercial center of NYC, the Manhattan condo real estate community is home to some of the largest radio, TV, telecommunications, news, magazine, publishing, tourist attractions, museums, sports teams and tourist landmark destinations in the United States, making it one of the busiest districts to work and play. With any new Manhattan condo development, developers have to realize that these well paid professionals want more than just a home to live in. The typical Manhattan condo purchaser is willing to pay for such amenities such as 24 hour concierge service, doorman, security on site, parking and personal storage. In addition, many of these new presale New York Manhattan condo developments also feature luxury lifestyle amenities such as swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs, pool decks, roof top decks, lounge spaces, catering, fitness centers, professional training, yoga, pilates, and much more in the comforts of their own home. Some new Manhattan condominium projects even go as far as on site Spa Treatment rooms with professional massages, pedicures, manicures and other services at your beck and call. All in all, there is no marketplace such as the New York Manhattan real estate market that has designed and developed some of the world’s leading edge architectural landmark condo high-rises that present five star resort amenities. As of the 2000 census, the Manhattan condo market features a wide range of both private and public housing options for residents in New York City. There were almost eight hundred thousand (800,000) units available in the Manhattan New York real estate borough. What’s most interesting is that most of these older Manhattan condominium buildings were rentals or condos for rent, versus the majority of the new New York Manhattan condo projects are owner occupied buildings. Currently, less than 1/5 of all Manhattan residents live in owner occupied condominium buildings, making it the second lowest in all of the US, just behind it’s neighbor, the Bronx NYC.
The Manhattan Real Estate Forecast Is Good and Getting Better
The future of new Manhattan condos for sale is bright, with many condominium high-rise towers now completing. New Yorkers looking for great real estate bargains are in luck, as many of the Manhattan penthouse condos have been marked down by as much as 25 to 50% off the original sales price two years ago. In addition, many of the simplex apartments and even duplex split level New York Manhattan condos are also dropping in price to somewhat affordable pricing. However, with the stabilization of the economy, New York Manhattan property will again be the most sought after real estate in the world, making any investment into a new high-rise condo or home a good one. The New York Condo BUZZ features some of the greatest and most affordable Manhattan condo real estate developments that have just been recently completed or are still in construction phase. Whether you are looking for luxurious townhomes or duplex penthouses or even affordable Manhattan New York condos for sale, right now is the perfect time to purchase a ground level condominium opportunity at the lowest prices seen in this market place in quite some time. With the economy strengthening and with the global financial crisis coming to an end, Wall Street and New York Manhattan real estate market will certainly rebound with a spike and upturn in property values much like a couple of decades ago. With all time low interest rates in addition to new Manhattan condo price reductions in spectacular New York high-rise condo developments right now, investors as well as homebuyers can get absolutely new, never been lived in, spacious condominiums at a fraction of the price from two years ago. Taking advantage of such offers are weighing on many New Yorkers who feel like the bottom is near and the interest rates are likely to go up, so get in on the action, act and purchase a new Manhattan condo for sale in the New York real estate market today at reduced prices, as they won’t last much longer.
The Impressive Manhattan Architecture and Landmark Buildings
When one looks at a New York City skyline image, it’s probably going to be one of the Manhattan sky line. With some of the most iconic New York building architecture such as the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, Manhattan real estate skyline is full of landmark buildings that are now tourist destinations. The former New York World Trade Center twin towers were also in the Manhattan district. In addition, the NYC Manhattan condo real estate community features such iconic landmarks as the New York World Building on Park Row, the Brooklyn Bridge, Park Row Building, Madison Avenue, 40 Wall Street, Times Square and the Hearst Tower. During the early to mid 1990s, the number of new New York Manhattan condo projects starting up came to a peak, but with inflation, many middle class workers were forced from Manhattan because of skyrocketing rents. With this outflux of population, an influx of well educated and high earning foreigners and out of state americans began flooding into the Manhattan real estate market place, many of whom were in their late 20s and thirties. With the new influx of a younger population, developers have seized the opportunity to revitalize many of the New York Manhattan real estate neighborhoods such as Greenwich Village, TriBeCa, Alphabet City and SoHo in addition to relatively historic communities such as the Lower East Side and Midtown.
TV and Movies Based in Manhattan New York Real Estate: Friends, Seinfield, CSI: NY, NYPD Blue, Will & Grace, Miracle on 34th Street, Eyes Wide Shut, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Cloverfield, Sex and the City, spin City, Law & Order, and Ghostbusters to name a few.

Most Notable New York Manhattan Condo Districts: Upper East Side, Chinatown, TriBeCa, Harlem, SoHo, Greenwich Valley, Lower East Side, East Village, Chelsea, Alphabet City, Washington Heights, Upper West Side, Midtown Manhattan, Financial District, Fifth Avenue; New York Manhattan real estate communities also divided into Lower, Midtown and Upper Manhattan districts.

Sports Teams: New York Rangers, New York Liberty, New York Knicks, New York Jets

Media Based in Manhattan New York: New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post in addition to The Wall Street Journal, AM New York and The Villager, New York Amsterdam News the Village Voice in addition to ABC, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, Fox News, MTV, HBO and Comedy Central.

Manhattan Condo Transportation: serviced extensively by the New York City Subway lines.

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