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Fortunately for New Yorkers, there seems to be a good housing stock for New York apartment rentals throughout all five boroughs in Manhattan condos for rent, Brooklyn rental apartments, Queens rentals, the Bronx and even Staten Island. However, the problem lies in the number of affordable yet luxurious New York apartment rentals that are suitable for more of the populace. There are not many new New York apartment rental building projects in the city, and much of the NY rental housing stock is under maintained, getting old and too expensive.
How Do I Choose Well Located and Affordable New York Apartment Rental or Condominium for Rent in NYC?
Many people wonder how you can choose the best New York apartment rental that is close to family, friends, work and play. There are a few steps that you must decide on and think about prior to your search for the best New York apartment rental or new condominium for rent in New York City rental market place. The decision and process can be daunting for many first time renters in this massive metropolis, but following the steps below will help you in deciding where and what you want in terms of the best New York rental apartment for you and your loved ones. Firstly, location… location… location. Just like in any New York real estate magazine or newspaper says, a renter must first choose the location first. In the New York apartment rental market, a renter must choose a NY condominium for rent that fits into his or her lifestyle, a condo residence that is close to both work as well as play. Do you want to rent a New York apartment or condo that is within walking distance to your workplace or office? Or are you taking your car or the subway? By determining the location, a potential renter in NYC should first look into the specific borough, such as Manhattan rentals, Brooklyn apartments for rent, the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island and Jersey City, then the district and then the specific neighborhood in terms of where they would be comfortable in living for a long duration. In addition, once this is decided, the best New York apartment rental location list should probably have four or five neighborhoods within it, as the second question you must ask yourself will ultimately determine the affordability of the New York condo or apartment for rent. So secondly, a New York renter should determine their rental budget for the best New York apartment rentals. Remember that living within your means is suggested, as there are always added expenses that may come your way which includes utilities, insurance, and the daily cost of living. There are many rent calculators that will allow you to determine an accurate budget for the best suitable New York apartment rental or NY condominium for rent, so make sure you do your due diligence prior to your search. These are the 2 most important factors that will influence your final decision on your New York apartment rental: its location that is convenient to both play and work in addition to the budget that will also determine what you can afford comfortably from a month-to month cashflow issue. Below are more things to ponder during your New York condo rental search.
More Questions Regarding How To Find the Best New York Condo Rentals in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City, The Bronx and Staten Island
After the first two recommended questions that you should ask yourself and decide on, another suggestion is to determine the type of New York apartment rental housing you are looking for. Remember that affordability and prices are dependent on location in addition to the size and condition of the property, so make sure you look into what is most comfortable for you. In terms of the NY condos for rent and the New York apartment rental market place, renters have several options for rental housing inventory that includes simplex apartments/condos/condominiums, duplex style residences, townhomes and brownstones, single family homes as well as condo penthouse suites. Choosing a type of housing that fits your lifestyle and your budget will help you save time in your search. As well, ask the question: do you prefer an older residence or a newer condo for rent? Do you need parking? Does the New York apartment rental building have parking and on site storage for renters? Is there a bike storage room? What type of amenities and services are included with your rental lease? There are many smaller things to ask yourself when it comes to finding the best New York apartment condo rental, and by thinking about these things ahead of time, your search for the most affordable and best located New York condominium rentals will be stress free and quite exciting and fun. You often have several options when it comes to who you are renting your New York apartment rental from which can include a professional property manager, the unit owner themselves or through a New York rental agent. In addition, your condo lease can be signed for any duration of time, and usually falls at month-to-month, 6 month or 1 year New York apartment rental leases.
Should I Buy or Rent a New York City Apartment?
The question for New Yorkers has always been whether to buy or rent a New York City apartment. The simple answer is: it really depends on who you are, what your financial situation is, what you can afford, length of occupancy, where you want to live and what type of housing you prefer. To buy or rent a New York City apartment is one of the biggest and single most influential decisions any New Yorker will make in their lifetime (financial decision that is). For more people living in the city, the only option is to rent a New York apartment rental or condo residence, as real estate prices are very steep in areas such as Manhattan and Brooklyn. In other areas such as Bronx and Queens which are not as expensive, New Yorkers who buy New York City apartments tend to even out with renters. Jersey City, New Jersey real estate market sees a strong shift towards residents who buy their New York apartments and are therefore owner occupied because of the affordability and location of the area. So really, whether to buy or rent a New York City apartment should be determined by budget/pricing, location of desire, length of stay and what your eventual goals are for the property. In many cases, affordable New York apartment rentals are actually cheaper to rent then they are to buy, especially in the cases of some Brooklyn neighborhoods and throughout Manhattan. In other cases, such as Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and even Jersey City, it may make more sense to buy then to rent property, as property values and prices are not as expensive, and homes are more spacious. Should I buy or rent a New York City apartment? It depends.
New New York Apartment Rentals
When it comes to NY real estate developments and condo projects, much of the latest news has been centered amongst the iconic landmark residential high-rises that will grace the skyline in the next few years. However, there are two very notable new New York apartment rentals developments in the heart of Manhattan borough, that will see the inclusion of several hundred units of rental housing stock in the middle of the city. The first impressive twin towers is called the Silver Towers New York apartment rental buildings that will see two high-rise tower residences built near NYU in the NoHo market place. The second new New York apartment rental development is at The Helena in Midtown Manhattan that will present more than four hundred condominiums for rent close to Columbus Circle. This is an exciting time for the new New York apartment rental market, so stay tuned for more of these condo projects that will be launched throughout the year.
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