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Uniquely located and providing prime waterfront New York real estate for sale, the Staten Island property market has always been stable, pricey yet understated. With close to 490,000 residents, the New York Staten Island real estate market has not seen many new condo developments in the past decade, but there has been a new focus on revitalizations of historic buildings, brownstone/townhome projects and low-rise waterfront Staten Island condo developments recently.
The Staten Island New York Property Market in a Nutshell
The Staten Island real estate market has been always sought after for those New Yorkers who want to get away from it all, but still be within driving distance or public transportation to Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Staten Island New York real estate market, for this reason, is one of the hottest and most expensive in the city, as there is limited development space and new projects that have been approved by city council. With a population less than 500,000, the Staten Island New York property market consists of many single family homes, attached townhomes and browstone homes for sale, rather than the traditional New York high-rise condo developments as seen in the above boroughs. With that population base as well, Staten Island is actually the smallest of all five boroughs that make up the New York real estate market. With seven city parks and tonnes of tourist attractions, the Staten Island real estate market has always been very stable and on the rise due to the limited space available, limited number of homes and housing types as well as generational living. Connected to Brooklyn and Manhattan by two large bridges in addition to the Staten Island Ferry, the New York Condo BUZZ features the newest real estate developments on Staten Island NYC.
New York Staten Island real estate is one of the most stable not because of its economic fundamentals which are important in property investing, but because of its limited supply.

Staten Islands Neighborhoods

Staten Island Accessibility and Transportation
When it comes to New York homebuyers moving to the most suburban NYC borough, Staten Island real estate, one has to look at the public transportation routes and accessibility of the neighborhoods that make up this family and pedestrian friendly community. In terms of geography, Staten Island New York is the southern most borough and before 1975, it was actually called Borough of Richmond. New York Staten Island real estate accessibility is actually quite good considering that it is the furthest most from downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. For Staten Island homebuyers looking for new homes in this New York borough, the area is connected to Brooklyn by way of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. For those who prefer walking and not driving, the Staten Island Ferry shuttles people from this area to Manhattan real estate. Because of the incredible vantage points that this ferry ride provides its passengers, the Staten Island Ferry has become a huge tourist draw. In addition, the Staten Island Ferry is actually free. Staten Island home owners who need to get to New Jersey and Jersey City can do so via the Bayonne Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing as well as the Goethals Bridge. On Staten Island New York real estate community itself, residents can make full use of the extensive MTA bus service in addition to the Staten Island Railway and the rapid transit line, all of which service all neighborhoods extensively. The Staten Island real estate market is actually made up of several islands that include: The Isle of Meadows, Prall’s Island, Shooters Island, Swinburne Island and Hoffman Island.
The New York City Staten Island Real Estate Neighborhoods to Watch Out For
For purchasers looking to buy new Staten Island real estate, many of the properties available are older Victorian homes, especially when you get into the more historic neighborhoods. These heritage houses are very traditional, unique and eye catching, and present a different New York real estate market where homebuyers have more choice for single family homes. For those New Yorkers who are sick and tired of looking at old apartments or new high-rise condos, Staten Island real estate presents some unique opportunities from the detached homes market. For the truly historic Victorian Staten Island homes for sale, New York homebuyers can look into The North Shore which is the most urban of the neighborhoods in this NYC borough. From Stapleton to Park Hill and from Tompkinsville to St. George, there are a plethora of turn of the century homes for sale in this established, family and pedestrian friendly neighborhood. The Staten Island South Shore real estate market presents more suburban sprawling neighborhoods, that are somewhat newer and more affordable.
Staten Island New York Trivia
Some movies have been filmed entirely or partly in Staten Island real estate and include Scent of a Woman, Big Daddy, Analyze This, School of Rock, Donnie Brasco, GoodFellas, Sisters, War of the Worlds, The Godfather and Law & Order TV series. The two main attractions on New York Staten Island include the Staten Island Zoo and the historic Richmond Town village and museum. Singers from Staten Island NY include Christina Aguilera, Vernon Reid, and Ingrid Michaelson.
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